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Required for the SARTECH II Exam is the Fundamentals of Search and Rescue class ( FUNSAR ). MOVAL is able to help teach this class to allow you to be able to pass the online written exam so you are able to pass the exam. In addition to the written portion there will be in the field training and lectures that will allow you to have fundamental skills that will not only teach you what you need for the exam, but you will also gain valuable skills that will be needed for the SARTECH II exam. Any class fees below will be in addition to the fees requested by NASAR. The additional fees by MOVAL help us to provide the extra supplies required to teach the class/course.


COURSE FEE: Contact us for Class and Course Fees!

UPCOMING CLASS/EXAM: No FUNSAR course currently scheduled.

If you are interested please contact us to setup a FUNSAR Course time.