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Ground Search

The members of the Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team train constantly on various aspects of ground search and rescue skills. From using a map and compass and a GPS, first aid and CPR and survival skills our member are trained to handle any type of wilderness searches, in any terrain, that would be found in Missouri and Illinois in all types of weather, day or night! When other teams are needing to stand down for the night because it is dark, our members are ready to continue searching as we are skilled in the methods of proper night search techniques.

Safety is extremely important with all of our members and our team leadership strive to make sure that all search team members ( professional and volunteer ) are safe at all times while searching. All of our field operational members are required to become a minimum of a NASAR SARTECH II before being deployed into the field.

As we are a completely volunteer organization we are always looking to add new members to our Ground Search Team. If you are interested in working in the outdoors helping those in need and would like to become a member please feel free to click below and complete our volunteer application.