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Don't Wait - Call 911!

Time is Working Against You!
From the moment that your loved one is noted as missing, time is always going to be working against you. You need to act quickly as every minute counts! If you feel that your loved one is misisng, call 911 immediately! You DO NOT need to wait 24 hours to report a missing loved one, including missing adults to police ( that information is completely outdated...and dangerous! ) It is much better to call police and have your loved one found quickly than waiting hours or days to start your search.
PROFESSIONAL Search Teams CAN'T be Activated by Calls from Families!
As much as teams would love to be able to respond to searches by calls from the family and friends of a missing loved one, NO PROFESSIONAL SEARCH TEAM is able to respond to a search event unless activated from a representative of the AHJ ( Agency Having Jurisdiction ). The AHJ is normally a Police or Sherriff Departent, Fire Department, Emergency Management Agency, or other official agency that handles emergencies in that area, and/or is in charge of the missing person event. The reason for us having to be contacted by the AHJ is we do not know if this is simply a 'wandered off and got lost' type of a search event or if there 'may' be criminal elements to the reason they are missing. We treat EVERY search as there could be possible criminal evidence found so we have to be under the overview of the AHJ to ensure that any clues or evidence found can be used in court if needed.
While you are reporting your loved one missing with 911 they will most likely assign someone with either Law Enforcement or a Fire Department that will be your main contact for any search activities as they will be the representative in charge of your loved one's search. Once you make contact with this representative we highly recommend that you request that they contact search teams in your area, such as Missouri Valley Search and Rescue at 1-866-757-5319, 24-hours a day!. Contacting us early will help get our resources alerted and mobilized to your search. Depending on your location it may take several hours to even reach you, so the sooner we are notified the better. The quicker that professional Search Teams can be on scene the greater the chances that we can help recover them. The longer that they wait the further they can travel or the longer it takes to get them first aid in the field. EVERY MINUTE COUNTS!
Our team is comprised of volunteers that take their time and personal resources to help ensure that we are trained and ready to respond day or night, and in any kind of weather. We never charge for our services! We greatly accept donations as we are a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit organization as we use the donations to help us train and purchase needed equipment to be able to better respond to future search events.