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Deployment Area

Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team is a volunteer service that is comprised of members from all arcoss the St. Louis area. With our team's majority based in St. Louis we are able to respond to most searches within a 100 mile radius of St. Louis. This 100 mile radius allows us to respond to the largest cities around St. Louis in both Missouri and Illinois and all communities inbetween.

We are always looking to add new members in order to have trained personel that can respond day or night to searches. If you are interested in becoming a member please feel free to click below and fill out our volunteer application. We highly recommend that you are in the St. Louis, Missouri area as most of our trainings are around St. Louis. If you want to join MOVAL from outside of the St. Louis Metro area you will still need to travel to team trainings so extra travel time may be required.


Ouside Our Deployment Area

If time and resources allow we can respond to searches outside of the 100 mile radius. Searching outside of this radius may be limited to specific days of the week due to members being volunteers and the extra travel times and expenses of travel. We will respond on a case by case basis when the needs arise and will try to offer our services when resources are available. Donations may be requested if traveling for things like fuel and lodging.