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Kidz Kardz Info Flyer

Kidz Kardz Child ID

The members of the Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team offer Child ID Cards that are kept by the parents/guardians of the child in the event that they become separated. The information provided on the cards give basic information to help first responders to be able to identify the missing child.

When a child is missing, even temporarily such as in a store or theme park, your emotions can sometimes cause a temporary loss of memory of important details such as your child's height, weight, eye and hair color, and more. This happened to the family that helped us create these cards almost 20 years ago when their son was abducted. First Responders were asking about basic information about their son, but in their paniced state they were not able to recall even some of the basic stats, making it harder to get the informaiton out to searchers in the field. Having a Kidz Kardz Child ID keeps the informaiton handy where you can quickly hand emergency responders the basic information, including a photo so they can start the search sooner!

We offer our Kidz Kardz program to events such as carnivals, community events, and more. We have an incredible sponsor, Elliott Data Systems that helps us to provide 1 FREE Kidz Kardz Child ID per child. We highly recommend that you have an additional card printed if they spend a lot of time with another person such as a grandparent, or care-giver. Additional cards can be printed for a $3 minimum donation to MOVAL which helps us to cover expenses we incur during searches and training events.

Looking for an exciting way to volunteer? We are always looking for support staff for our Kidz Kardz Child ID events! If you like working with families and kids, this may be a great opprotunity to give back to your community! Contact us and find out more about how to volunteer.


NOTICE: The Missouri Valley Kidz Kardz are not official government documenets or ID cards. They are not to be used as an official identification as an official government ID would for activities like travel and legal personal identification.